I am a full-time writer, proofreader, and editor helping professionals perfect writing projects before final submission.  

My expertise covers a wide range of media, including but not limited to: court transcripts, academic papers, articles, fiction, non-fiction, blogs, professional and personal correspondence, copy, artists statements, and website content.

My goal and passion in life is to surround myself with all things in print and to help people with whatever writing needs they have. I think the most exciting parts of this life are the endless stories told by an infinite variety of people.  If you are a swamped court reporter or a new fiction writer who may be feeling a little shy with your manuscript, please reach out!  I am open to having a conversation with anyone regarding any type of work and budget.

I help my clients put their best literary foot forward.


I earned my BA in Literature from the University of California in Santa Cruz and was part of the small but prestigious creative writing program.  My emphasis was in poetry. I am also a certified court transcript proofreader.

Proofreading court transcripts complements my passion for writing poetry.  The technicalities associated with transcripts provide the perfect mental exercise allowing me to catch errors within any type of writing.

You may find work samples and my published poetry in the Portfolio.

Finally, follow my blog to stay abreast of the often explosive and, hopefully, sometimes funny thoughts that go through my head. Sometimes I tell embarrassing stories, too.