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Yesterday I drove to Colfax to meet with my two best friends, Zoe and River. River just turned 32 on October 11 and we had pizza dinner plans at 7pm. That was it. You’re probably thinking, “Pizza dinner: smart. Perfect food to soak up whatever alcohol-driven shenanigans are sure to happen later in the night.” Nope. We literally ate pizza and then WENT HOME.

It wasn’t always like this. Not even three years ago you could find us in gold leotards and fur coats, dancing with stupid looks on our faces, and ramping up to the worst hangovers (specifically debilitating anxiety) the next morning. This was at Brix 581 in Oakland. This was my birthday three years ago. I still have the leotard. No, the absence of pictures doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, just that I am trying to preserve a shred of dignity.

Point being that we have come a long way from those days…but not long enough to include a paragraph length aside letting you know I wasn’t always so boring.

The thing is this, it wasn’t boring. It was actually really awesome and exactly what we all wanted to do. The best part about it was that we were all on board.

After dinner River and her boyfriend, Sierra, went back to the Mongolian yurt he had rented for her birthday (this is not a joke), and Zoe and I went back to her place to watch a scary movie. Officially slam dunking that Saturday night into some comfy soft pants!

It’s become increasingly liberating to find myself eschewing what I used to think was the proper way to spend my evenings, namely, draining an entire bottle of Jameson and mouth-breathing my way through a fitful slumber only to wake up feeling like a toilet. And, don’t get me wrong, I’m not beyond this pastime by any means. Just a little more selective.

I spent today hiking around an old, abandoned mine with Zoe in heeled boots and a ball gown. She agreed to take photos of me for my business in exchange for the opportunity to shoot film with a free and willing model. I’m excited to see and share the photos. I’m excited neither one of us fell down the numerous canyons we literally stumbled upon. It only happened to my dog, once. He made it.

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