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Updated my publications page today if anybody is interested in reading my published poetry. Never had it all in one place before. Pret-ty cool. This will also really help keep me out of trouble with simultaneous publications, heh.

Did you watch Wild, Wild Country by The Duplass Bros. on Netflix? Can we just talk about how freakin’ insane it is that this happened in real life?!?! Can we also talk about why NO ONE talks about it? What a story. What does it say about me if I kinda like Ma Anand Sheela? I’m full of questions today.

The title song, Drover, is by a guy named Bill Callahan. You might recognize him by his work with the band called, Smog. I saw him open for Joanna Newsom a long time ago in Santa Cruz. He was booed but not off stage. He persisted! I’m not sure what phase that was because his music generally destroys me (in a good way). Drover is a great example and is the perfect song for the weird, insane gem-of-a-story that is Wild, Wild Country.

Peep this video of Bill totally not being boring.