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No, this isn’t a reference to the insanely good rom-com from the early aughts starring Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack. A movie I won’t admit I’ve re-watched recently and deeply enjoyed. It’s about this silly little word that is giving me life these days.

A few weeks ago the restaurant where I manage private events hosted a women’s leadership summit. I lurked behind the closed curtain to the private dining room like the creep that I am because all of these women (and one man, actually, huzzah!) had all done what I am currently trying to do. I am trying to take control of my life and live with intention. To find work that not only fulfills my heart, mind, and spirit but also provides viable income. I want to wake up in the morning excited to tackle the day’s work instead of cowering under the covers feeling like I want to throw up from the anxiety of enduring another day of work I just don’t care about.

As the meeting was nearing to an end, I found myself nervously pacing around the restaurant. I realized I needed to speak to someone in there. I felt that if I didn’t I’d regret it for a really long time. That’s when I realized that a huge part of living intentionally is listening to your inner voice and taking risks. If I want to manifest a heart-centered life for myself, then I should probably start listening to my heart.

So I went in and started chatting with the presenter. I was honest and told her I was lurking behind the curtain and she laughed saying I should have just come in and sat down, I was totally welcome. I tell her I just launched my writing business and then something crazy happened. She asked me if I knew an editor because she just finished writing her book. I think I laughed kind of hysterically in her face. No joke.

And now, here I am reading the intro to her book and it’s all about manifesting the life that you want by cultivating a work/life balance. Work and life shouldn’t be separate things.

I don’t know yet if she’ll hire me. Maybe she won’t. But I’d be a fool if I didn’t see this as a nudge from the universe telling me that I’m on the right path and that, whatever happens, if I remain honest and let my heart guide me it’ll always be okay in the end. Finally, I’m so excited for all the things I can learn from her. The world is full of mentors we constantly pass up the chance to learn from. This is teaching me to be open to people and what they can offer and vice versa. We are here to learn and grow from each other. Onward!

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