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Today is a good day.

It is time, my friends, for an update. So much has happened since my last October 28 post updating everyone on the status of my freelance journey. It’s been a wild ride!

Things have happened quickly. I officially completed my online transcript proofreading course last month. The course, which everyone said took them at least six months to complete, took me roughly four months. I was eager to establish this little freelancing business of mine. The idea of not being employed by a company terrifies me. Not knowing where my next paycheck will come from and when gives me high anxiety. I’m combatting this by putting SO MANY hours into self-marketing on social media.

It’s incredible how powerful of a tool social media is for small business owners. I used to dread self-promoting posts on my social media accounts, but I’m so glad I put that bullshit aside! I joined a bunch of groups on Facebook and LinkedIn. Groups for writers, editors, proofreaders, freelancers. I posted and engaged with members of all these groups. And guess what? It freakin’ worked. I’ve landed two jobs in two days. After a few weeks of wondering if this was worth it. It is! And, really, thinking about it, the real problem I had with all of this social media-ing (neologism whaaaa) is not the nature of social media. It was how I perceived myself. I felt like I didn’t have anything about me worth promoting or talking about. And that’s SAD. I’m good at what I do and I should talk about it to people. Why was that so hard for me? Because I’ve been conditioned to doubt myself my whole life. Women especially are taught not to think very much of themselves and/or their talent. That we should be seen and not heard. Be done but not do. I’m so grateful I’m living in this time in our history.

It’s so important to believe in yourself and to work hard to get what you want. It’s so important for women to support and lift up other women. There’s a few women who have been integral in the first stage of my freelancing journey. The first is a woman who entrusted me with editing her book. She’s not only been an excellent client but has also recommended me on global platforms. She also sends really sweet, encouraging e-mails. Thank you, Dr. Julianna Hynes! The second is my boyfriend’s mom. She gave me my first job when I first launched, and she’s been so supportive on social media. Thank you, Ms. Melinda Rummage! To all the ladies in the Proofread Anywhere Huddle, Binders, and Freelancing Female Facebook groups. What an incredible resource you all are! Friendly, skilled, and so open to helping others. To Dorey Kronick Design: you’ve been a dear friend since college. Your journey inspires me to reach for my own dreams. I love you for all the support we’ve given each other all these years. I definitely wouldn’t have had the guts to do this if it weren’t for our early conversations. And, finally, MY SISTERS and my best friends. All of you really asked the hard questions in the beginning that made me take this risk seriously. You always let me go on with my crazy, impulsive ideas and you’re always there when they fail. This time it’s not going to fail though, haha (stop worrying)!

On March 18, I board a plane to North Carolina to finally be with Max. If it weren’t for Max encouraging me to pursue my own business, I wouldn’t be here today. We’re going to finish our school bus and then we’re going to hit the road. So many more adventures to come. Freelancing on the road is going to be bananas! Excited to share all that is to come with you!