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Life continues apace and I find myself relishing new endeavors and goals. We are nearing the end of the whitewater season here in White Salmon, WA. Upon leaving, we will take a leisurely course down to, eventually, South America with many pit stops along the way.

This summer has been magical. The Wild Rumbus crushed her maiden voyage from North Carolina to Washington and has proven to be a perfect home for us. Life by the White Salmon River has provided income and many adventures. The most exhilarating for me: Learning how to paddle an inflatable kayak in whitewater (terrifying in part but awesome as a whole).

Work has been its own adventure. The constant worry of finding work punctuated by shining moments where I do get work. Freelancing is not for the faint-hearted. It requires maneuvering so many different emotions sometimes within the space of an hour.

Acquiring and learning a software called CaseCatalyst to increase my opportunities has been paramount in recent weeks. Already, I’m seeing a difference in the amount of work coming in. Trying to find a balance between personal and professional time is the most challenging thing. I am working to remain intentional in both, setting time aside for professional work and writing an entry into a journal once a day. Being a writer means I actually have to write? Oh, yeah.

In recent news, I’m getting published again! Three of my poems have made their way into Liminal Women’s Anthology. Will share a link once the publication is ready.

For now, forgive my random posts on social media as I continue to struggle with my tenuous relationship to it and enjoy the newest incarnation of my website (I seriously need to stop reinventing the whole thing every time I need to add one sentence anywhere). Hire me to build your website! Haha, just joking.

Kind of.