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How to Elevate Meaning by Playing with Form

If you're a free-form poet, like me, an excellent way to shake up your writing routine is to introduce a strict form to your poems. In this particular poem, I've played around and took liberty with the pantoum. The anaphora is obvious in this piece, but a good challenge would be to see how subtly you can employ the poetic device and still enhance meaning.


When I first began to write this poem, I adhered to a strict villanelle. As it evolved, I found myself being more forgiving, allowing myself to explore the form and to have fun with it. It resulted in a very liberating writing exercise. Often, people equate form with restriction. I'm trying to evolve as a writer by not being afraid of form and to embrace discipline.


Water raging, cloud pushing-wind,

my body an isthmus.

Outside Gault School, dark red trees


gyrfalcon clouds, plumage exploding.

A crisis,

grey and white

all over the streets.


feathers float around a body ,

feathers tickle a face,


Water raging, cloud pushing wind.

My body an isthmus.

San Lorenzo swells to Mississippi,

ducks struggle,


among beer bottles, yellow vomit-foam,



gyrfalcon clouds, plumage exploding.

A crisis,


a light glistens

among grey torrents.

Hopeful nimbus,

lambent maelstrom

thrusting ducks out to sea.

Light in water raging, cloud pushing-wind.

My body an isthmus.

In this time, when clouds

scatter, running reckless

all over town, this discernible fire


cold gyrfalcon clouds. Beauty in plumage exploding

oddly easing the crisis.


storm almost put to sleep the colors ,

gyrfalcons following me down Laurel Street,

all over Santa Cruz, but for this


glimmering through water raging, cloud pushing-wind.

My body an isthmus,

relishing bleeding clouds, plumage exploding.

A beautiful crisis.