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Concert Review: Japanther blows up Saturday night at Satyricon

by Guia Nocon on April 26, 2010

If you’re looking for a good time on a Saturday night then follow the ever-infectious pop-punk duo (now trio) Japanther.  They showed Satyricon an extremely good time last Saturday playing their undeniably catchy tunes with abandon to an all-ages crowd.

At times Moldy Peaches and at others Ramones, Japanther convinced newbies at their show to dance like the tried-and-true fans that packed Satyricon. Drawing tunes from their rather large collection, Japanther didn’t seem like they were ever going to stop playing.  There were loud drums, loud guitar, loud singing, and even louder spirit.  Put simply, they played the hell out of the show.  Visions of Lightning Bolt kept flashing before my eyes. Both bands boast the confidence of totally engaging with their audiences, bringing the show to the floor instead of containing it to the stage.  The difference between Japanther and Lightning Bolt lies within the convulsion factor.  While Lightning Bolt makes you feel like you’re having an uncontrollable seizure, Japanther at least gives you a clearly defined rhythm to spaz out to.

Also sharing the crowd that night were potential Pop darlings Wampire.  While not as exciting as Japanther, Wampire still put on a good, danceable show.  The single “Orchard” put a smile on just about everyone’s faces.  Wampire sounds like a cross between The Arcade Fire and Beach House: kind of loud but also kind of doped up.  If the night were about ten degrees hotter, Wampire would’ve sounded like a refreshing beverage.  But since it was cold, Japanther was the band to all looked toward for the jump that would get the blood flowing.

The comedy award of the night definitely went to Hip-Hop duo Thuggage.  As much as Emerson Valentine Lyon and Caws Pobi could make you laugh with their less than serious lyrics, you couldn’t help but notice that the beats and melodies were spot on.  While they are obviously comedians, they are also obviously very good musicians who have taken the time to study their craft.  People found themselves dancing and laughing with good cause: Thuggage puts on a great show.  If Jemaine and Bret from Flight of the Concords took their Hip-Hop outfit seriously then Thuggage is what you’d get.

All in all, Satyricon’s show put Saturday back on the map for many people.